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Saturday, September 23, 2006


So. We have 3 new babies. I'm not sure you can see the second orange baby, but its there. Buddy has been pretty good about the whole thing. I had to keep him out of the box when Cleo was yowling when the first two came out. He wanted her to play with him. She wasn't really in the mood. Wonder why. LOL

He jumped in for a while, hence the picture. He was a good boy. He just wanted some love from Mom. She cleaned him a bit and then he got out to eat. Cleo is a good mama. My son wants to keep at least one of the babies. He has names all picked out for them. I gather they are all based on some anime show he watches since I didn't recognize any of the names...help! I don't know if we'll keep any of them. Its too early to know which is a boy and which is a girl. I'd rather have another boy...they are cheaper to fix.


  • At 8:38 AM, Blogger Meowkaat said…

    awwwww.............. so cute. Wish we could, but with our retarded cat that no other cat likes, we have to remain a one-cat household or she will run away. (Obviously sneaking a kitten in has been attempted) Plus we have a new doberman puppy and that's like having triplets on its own.


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