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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Job Hunting

As I mention in my profile I am currently unemployed. I used to work at a thrift store, but it went out of business. I did take the summer off. I figured it was cheaper to stay at home with my son than to work and have to pay a babysitter. Now that school is in again I have been trying and trying to find a new job. But its been a bitch!

My old job was pretty specialized. Sorting, hanging and pricing clothes. Sorting and pricing all the other donations that came in. But cashiering isn't all that specialized, so one would think it would be easy to find a job. Not true! Everyone wants employees to work ALL shifts. You know, evenings, weekends... Which is fine if you don't have a family or don't want to spend time with them. I do. I need to work day shift. No evenings, no weekends. As many hours as my husband works, all my measly checks would do is pay for child care. I might as well stay home. Sheesh!

I'd kill for a job with the same hours as my last one. I got my son off to school and got to pick him up after. No babysitter needed unless it was a holiday. Right now I'd settle for a job that would let me get him to school and have someone else pick him up after. I have plenty of help after school, but no one to help in the mornings. He is very difficult in the mornings anyway. Its a struggle to get him to school. I fear that if anyone but me did it he would go to school crying every morning or they'd be crying. At least he doesn't do that to me anymre. First grade was a complete bitch, let me tell you! But that's fodder for a different post.

What I need to find is a job where they will pay me to read. LOL
I'd excel at that job!

Where are the jobs for moms? I see the same women working when I go to the grocery store. How in the world did they snag that day shift?

And so many stores have online applications. Once you fill them out are you supposed to go bug someone in person? And if so who?

I hate this. I'm really mad at my old boss for going out of business and not finding someone to buy the place. I got lucky finding that job. I'm waiting for another lucky break. My face is pretty blue by now.


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