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Monday, September 25, 2006

Moving Day

Well, I didn't get either one of my wishes when it comes to the babies. Instead of one we got three. And we definitely have a severe case of sibling rivalry. Buddy misses his time with his mom. He was in the box and behaved fine for the first few days. But today he decided the babies make really cool chew toys, especially their little tails. I was afraid for a while that I would end up with tailless kitties. I tried snapping him on the nose and telling no and booting him out of the box. That didn't work. I came in from having a smoke and found he had taken one out of the box and half way across the living room. So I tried spraying him with water every time he went near the box. This worked until I had to leave. We were gone for a few hours and when we got back two of the babies were behind the tv and mom was looking a little worried. I'm not sure which one of them moved the babies, but since one of them has a small bloody spot on its head I think I can safely guess it was Buddy.

So I gave in and moved mom and the babies to the guest room. She's got her own litter box and food and water. I figure I will let her out of the room once in a while, but Buddy definitely has to stay out until either they are big enough to fight back or he's outgrown this battle-crazy phase he's in. Hopefully it will be a simultaneous event.

Its too bad neither his mom nor his Aunt Lily will kick his ass. They both run when they see him coming. Cleo never was much of a fighter, but Lily went through this phase. In fact the scratches on my arm and hand look eerily like the ones I got when playing with her.

In other news, I got to watch both the football games I wanted to on Sunday. The Vikings lost, but the Seahawks won so it wasn't a total loss. :) I think I'll only get to see the Seahawks game this next Sunday. It will make the men here happy. They will be able to watch things they want. Maybe. I'm a bit of a hog when it comes to the tv. its a 65 inch hd tv. Wouldn't you be if you could? LOL


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