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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I love my cat how much?

I love my cat, Buddy, $135 worth. That's how much I love him. He's been drooly since late Sunday. Tuesday I wrapped him in a towel and found a sore on his tongue. He was very lethargic, not eating much, not cleaning himself and VERY drooly. But on Wednesday he seemed to perk up a bit so I thought he was getting better. But today he was sleeping a lot, so I toweled him up again, I like my arms attached to my body, and his sore was worse.

I had to call about 4 vet clinics before I found one that could get him in today. I took him in this afternoon. Turns out kittens his age are sometimes susceptible to a virus that causes ulcers on their tongues. Poor baby! After a $55 office visit, and almost $80 worth of antibiotics and pain killers (there's tax on that shit!) he's very perky this evening. Almost like new!

He was a very good boy at the vet. I have a cat carrier in which I put a towel and his kitty (the lion beanie he likes to play with). He was silent in the car. I put him up front with me so I could talk to him more easily. In the office he pretty much stuck to me although he did get down and wander a bit. He didn't like the thermometer in his ear or the penecillin shot in his shoulders. But he only tried to escape, not bite or maim anyone.

I gave him some tuna when we got home. I guess the painkiller worked because he actually ate quite a bit of it. By this evening he was racing around playing with our newest cat Al (a month or two older than him) and bringing me bottle caps to play fetch with. I also have a few new scratches on my arm since he needed to show me was feeling better by trying to gnaw my hand off.

He starts the rest of his antibiotics tomorrow. I'll give another dose of painkiller before I head to bed tonight. I expect to have his furry, purring head butting into my face at 3am and 7am tomorrow morning. I'll give him smooches, pet him a bit, be very grateful he is feeling better and then hope to hell he goes away so I can go back to sleep. ;)

He's grandma's boy and worth every penny!


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